One of the early social media "jokes" and "memes" was one where guys would say "Send Nudes" but that "joke" quickly became less and less funny as many used it as an opportunity to harass women by sending unsolicited sexually explicit photos.

Well, beginning Sunday September 1 in Texas, it won't be so funny if you send a unwanted sexually explicit photo or material via text or social media because you are now committing a crime.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that he has signed House Bill 2789 which makes the electronic transmission of sexually explicit material a class C misdemeanor, with a maximum fine of $500, when the recipient hasn't provided consent.


Lobbyists who fought for the bill's passage based it upon "Indecent Exposure" laws that are already on the books. They believe that if you can be charged for that crime in person, why not extend it into the digital space.

The law doesn't just apply to texts. Sending unwanted material through email, dating apps and social media are also included.

If I were you, and you get asked to send an "explicit" photo, your safest bet is to not do it at all even if given consent.

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