Just when you thought the state of Texas was out of the weeds when it came to terrible winds and waters. AP News would have to disagree. The tropical storm known now as Alberto, found itself, making it towards Northeast Mexico in the very beginning and unfortunately leaving at least three individuals dead.

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Even though the storm weekend over some time the US National Hurricane Center also stated that the tropical storm was downgraded with maximum sustained winds of 35 mph it's a little alarming. The US National Hurricane Center also said that the tropical storm was downgraded with maximum sustained winds of 35 mph. Coastal storm watches and warnings in Mexico have been lifted as tropical storms. Alberto moved west at 118 mph but heavy rain is continuing which is alarming.


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Inches of rain have been noticed in Mexico areas but what does that mean for Texas? Of course, Texas is the neighbor to country Mexico and the forecast says southwest rain in Texas could diminish Thursday. Texans have stated it’s hard to believe that Alberto will depart very soon from the state, especially after bringing so much rain and flooding to the coast of Texas. Texans are told to properly prepare for anything to happen concerning the weather. Make sure you have whatever notifications you need for keeping updates on the weather in Texas, so you will be properly prepared.


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