Texas has a million things going well for itself right now and that can make it difficult to recognize sometimes the less desirable traits especially when you wearing Lone Star State colored glasses. Besides, being the worst in the state of Texas is kind of like being a bench player on the Dream Team because no matter how far you are behind the best Texas has to offer, you are still better than anywhere else.

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Recently read and article 24/7 Wall St., and they had compiled the worst place to live in every single state in America. If you spend any time reading the article, you are likely not to have heard of most of these places because when you are the worst place to live, you probably do not have a very good publicist.

How did 24/7 Wall St. determine the worst place to live in Texas?

Google Images/Canva
Google Images/Canva

Like many studies, there was an accumulation of data on things like poverty level, home prices, and income that was then weighted to determine the overall quality of life that is broadly applied to that information.

After all of the number were crunched, they concluded the worst place to live in Texas was a census-designated place called Eidson Road in the Eagle Pass metro along the Rio Grande River. The area in Maverick County is the definition of border town as it shares and international bridge with Piedras Negras, Coahulia in Mexico.

Eidson Road may be the worst, but here are several other less desirable cities in Texas.

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Here are the top 10 worst places to live in Texas according to moneyinc.com.

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