As I continue my fun trek throughout the Lone Star State, I've committed myself to trying out some "adventure" sports which is something we have an abundance of here! Bungee jumping, nah...Rodeo bull riding...HELL nah...too skinny and fragile....but zip lining? That I can do! So, we headed out to Austin to visit the good folks at Lake Travis Zipline Adventures and strapped on a Go-Pro to take you along for the ride just in case you're a little chicken. It was AMAZING! Here's the video!

With 5 different zip lines including the longest in Texas, I gotta say that this is an experience you will NEVER forget! I felt like I was flying (as you can hear me say, "I feel like Peter Pan")! Massive shoutout to our guides Melissa and Samantha who were great the entire tour!



But I won't spill too many details, try it for yourself! For more info, contact Lake Travis Zipline Adventures.

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