The recession in Texas has definitely been challenging for a lot of residents here in the great state. The recession put Texans in positions where not only did they lose their jobs, but they lost homes, cars, and families. According to the Houston Chronicle, there will be about 1500 low-income homes in Harris County that will receive $500 for the next 18 months as part of a new pilot project that puts the county squarely in the middle of a rolling nation debate about how best that address, stubborn poverty say Houston Chronicle.

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Using the Federal American Rescue Plan Act, Harris County will have $20.5 million to use for this program. The program that will be assisting and targeting households in neighborhoods that experience poverty is called the Uplift Harris Program. The only way that you can be eligible for the Uplift Harris Program is if your family is below the 200% federal poverty line which means around $60,000 for a family of four or $29,000 for an individual. As of right now, it is said that this particular program could possibly begin early fall. When discussing this with Texans, a lot of them had mixed feelings about this particular program.


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On one hand, this will help a lot of families that are definitely in need. We cannot deny again that the recession has been a struggle for all of us, so any bit of assistance would help any individual that is struggling. Texans also feel that this particular program is not only unfair, but it’s also unnecessary. I’ve spoken to some Texans, who feel that this is just another outlet for other Texans to find a way to receive assistance without having to really put in the work. In my opinion, I think that this program will be very effective, especially because these qualifications are simple if you make over a certain amount, you will not receive certain assistance, but only time can tell. As of right now, Houston is the only city that has been mentioned for assistance. We will keep Texas updated.


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