Shocking news out of Mississippi as reality TV star and son of famed "Sweetie Pie's" restaurant owner Robbie Montgomery, Tim Norman, has been arrested on charges that he conspired with a woman in a murder for hire plot that resulted in the death of his nephew.

According to CNN, Norman was arrested Tuesday after being charged last week with conspiracy to use interstate commerce facilities, in this case a cellphone, in the commission of a murder-for-hire, resulting in the death of Norman's nephew and Robbie's grandson Andre Montgomery. Montgomery was shot to death in March of 2016.

Authorities allege that Norman conspired with Terrica Ellis who has also been charged in this case, to have his own nephew killed in order to collect a $450,000 life insurance policy he obtained on Andre Montgomery when he turned 18. Norman was the sole beneficiary on the policy.

Norman communicated with Ellis via cellphone the day leading up to, before and after the murder according to authorities. Norman flew from his home in L.A. to St. Louis the day before the murder and upon arrival, talked to Ellis who identified Montgomery's location. Montgomery was shot to death shortly thereafter and Ellis' phone location put her in the area of the murder at the time of the homicide.

After Montgomery's murder, Ellis called Norman and made her way from St. Louis to Memphis and authorities further alleged that she deposited $9,000 in various bank accounts in the days after the murder.

Norman contacted the life insurance company and tried to collect on the policy on his nephew a week later.

All the while Norman continued to make appearances on the OWN Network show including an episode where his mother and family breaks down talking about his nephew.


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