Earlier today I gave you my opinion on Texas Junior Senator Ted Cruz's decision to travel to Cancun, Mexico amidst the state experiencing power outages and lack of water.

Now more news has surfaced.

At the airport in Cancun, Mexico, when asked why he traveled in the middle of a crisis, Cruz told reporters, "I'm just being a good dad."

Not only has he decided to return after the backlash he has received, he reportedly was planning on "being a good dad" through Saturday.

“Texas is going through horrific storms and millions of Texans have lost power, lost heat, and have been hurt and our family was among them, "We had no heat and no power, and yesterday my daughters asked if they could take a trip with some friends and Heidi and I agreed and I flew down with them last night and dropped them off here and now I’m headed back to Texas. And they continue to work to get the power back on. What’s happening in Texas is unacceptable and a lot of Texans are hurting.”

While it comes across as if Cruz was taking a quick trip to Cancun and coming right back, his airplane tickets say something different.

According to NBC DFW, Cruz got word of the backlash he's received and booked a ticket at 6 am today.

Will voters look at this as nothing?

Or take it into consideration when it's time to re-elect Cruz in 2024?

Only time will tell, and he's got three years left.


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