The Salas Team Realtors in Killeen, Texas, is truly making sure that our children here in the community get a chance to love Christmas. For the last seven years, the Salas Team Realtor has provided a Christmas gift for every child who attends Killeen Elementary School. When you walk into Killeen Elementary gymnasium, the whole Salas Teams Realors greets every student with a high five and a gift with their name on it and it’s a sight to see.

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Shelly and Luis Salas are truly the definition of people who care about the community and they understand that it takes a village. Over 1100 gifts were wrapped by the Salas team, and some of our brave military this year, and even though the Salas team was exhausted, each staff member stayed in the Christmas spirit and participated in passing out gifts, dressing like Santa, and just flat out showing the meaning of Christmas.



Shelly Salas explained to me why the event was so important to her, and she said that some of these children don’t get a gift at all for Christmas, she remembers growing up and wasn’t as fortunate as well and the fact that the only get they might receive is a gift from her and her team might not be much but it is something and I couldn’t agree more. Going to Salas's Christmas event truly makes you feel like you’re in a Hallmark Christmas movie, there’s so much joy, so much Christmas spirit, and most importantly, just unconditional love and we have Shelly Luis Salas, Killeen Elementary, and The Salas Team, we want to thank for everything you do for Central Texas.


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