You can’t mention a good glass of sweet tea without mentioning the great state of Texas. Summer approaches and Texans are preparing to have those enjoyable summer nights with a glass of cold, quench, thirsty, sweet tea, according to Health, organic Yogi sweet tea is not on the list of drinks you want to have this summer.

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There were nearly 900,000 bags of organic Yogi immune support that had been voluntarily recalled according to the FDA. The recall was initiated on March 12 and has been an ongoing process. Individuals with the product in their home or anywhere, please dispose of it immediately! East West Tea Company is the maker of the tea that has been recalled and initiated that the recall was due to higher levels of pesticides.


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Pesticides are chemical substances that prevent, destroy, and repel pests that can damage agriculture or domestic life. Chemicals can cause harm, depending on which type of pesticide it is it can affect the nervous system of humans, and it could also irritate your skin and eyes. According to the FDA, there were more than 50,000 boxes of East West Tea Company, tea that have been recalled due to the traces of the chemical being detected in one of the company's organic teas. For my tea drinkers who love to have a glass of tea before bed, maybe in the morning, or even for energy please keep in mind if you have the Yogi organic product to destroy as soon as possible.


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