Remember This Case?


Amber Guyger the ex- Dallas Police Officer who went into the wrong apartment and killed an innocent man was unanimously found guilty by a jury back in October 2019.

I must admit I was a little skeptical about the case initially because the jury considered Castle Doctrine allowing a person to use force, even deadly force, in the protection of a home, car, or other property if someone attempts to forcibly enter or remove and individual from their premises when determining the verdict.

A few years back my argument was, I could see how this would be possible if there was an issue of Botham Jean attempting to enter Guyger's house, but it was the other way around.

I thought this case was a no-brainer, especially being that there was no story of a tussle with the shooting victim and the officer admitted to both entering the wrong apartment and killing Botham Jean.


Just In Case You Don't Know What Happened With Amber Guyger

If you remember, back in 2019 Amber Guyger an off-duty Dallas Police Officer entered the wrong apartment killing, Botham Jean thinking he was in her apartment. She testified that she'd had a long shift and entered Jean's apartment by mistake, believing it to be her own. She didn't radio for help as is Dallas PD policy, instead of entering the apartment and shooting Jean when, she says, he got up. She said she was in fear for her life, but the jury didn't buy it.


What Is The Latest?

According to the Dallas Morning News, yesterday the Court of Criminal Appeals refused to hear Guyger’s petition to review a lower court’s decision to uphold her 2019 conviction and sentence.

Reportedly during her appeal, Guyger argued that because she made a mistake thinking she was in her own apartment, negated her culpability for murder.

What I Think

I think her attempt to appeal was trash.

And rightfully, she will continue to serve her 10- year sentence (which in my opinion was a light sentence, to begin with, seeing as though she committed murder).


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