Sometimes the world is a strange place isn't it? Most of the time it's strange in a wonderful way, like an "underwater" bowling alley or a bison getting loose somewhere unexpected. Suffice to say, with how big Texas is, there's always something interesting going on.

But of course, there's also illegal things, like smuggling, that go on. We all know smuggling is bad and something you shouldn't even try to do, as you'll be caught. But as mentioned previously, some people get pulled over for alleged smuggling and the items they possess make no sense.

Today, we examine one of those items being smuggled, and it's something you might not expect.

Smugglers Are Trying To Sneak In...Meat?

Yes, you read that right, meat. What kind of meat? Specifically...bologna.

Yes bologna. Told you that Texas is strange is weird sometimes. But as it turns out, according to Texas Monthly, this isn't a new experience.

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In fact, smuggled bologna sells for way more than expected. Which in turn has caused huge busts of, you guessed it, bologna.

Bologna Smuggled And Net Worth

Texas Monthly reports that recently in September 2021, an individual was caught attempting to move nearly 320 pounds of the meat. In next year of 2022, two busts in January brought another 243 pounds of bologna.

The main reason, as for any smuggler to try and attempt to bring these meats into the United States is, of course, money. Texas Monthly reports that the meat, which has earned the nickname of "chubs," can be sold to individuals marked up to between $80 to $120 originally from its standard price of $10 or $15.

To say the least, bologna smuggling is a problem we weren't aware of. But this does make us play this on repeat...

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