Newfound Aretha Franklin handwritten will reveals shocking information: the identity of the father for one of her sons.

According to NBC News, earlier this month in Aretha Franklin‘s Detroit area home locked in a closet was a spiral notebook stuffed under cushions on a sofa that was apparently hidden by the famed singer. It was reportedly found by reps from Aretha's estate.

They are now asking a judge what to do with the newfound handwritten papers.

16 pages were found, and while the handwriting has not been authenticated as Franklin's, it details an equal share of her estate to be spread out between her sons.

Another shocking development has surfaced about her eldest son Clarence, who has special needs that reportedly Franklin never told the public about, including the identity of his real father.

Clarence was born when Aretha was just 12 years old, and the handwritten will suggests the father's name is Edward Jordan Sr.

Jordan was described as a “player” that Aretha was unimpressed with and once knew, according to a 2014 biography.

Aretha goes on to say that Edward "should never receive or handle any money or property belonging to Clarence as he has never made any contribution to his welfare future or past monetarily, material, spiritual etc."

Aretha Franklin died August 16, 2018, of pancreatic cancer at age 76.

The case will be heard June 12th, and we will keep you posted.

Portrait Of Aretha Franklin
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