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What's up, Central Texas? It's Big Ced, the Fly Guy with the Bow Ties.

Two things that I am an enthusiast of are cigars and bow ties. One thing that everyone knows about me is my collection of bow ties. Sometimes I want to run to HEB without wearing one, and almost every time I run into someone that asks me why I'm not wearing a bow tie. I'm like, "I just wanted to get some eggs! Let me live!"

I have around 60 custom bow ties. My bow ties are mostly wooden, but I have a cassette bow tie staying true to the culture. I have a custom Michael Jackson record bow tie and a custom LEGO bow tie.

Big Ced, Townsquare Media

The bow tie craze started when I got a Scrabble board bow tie as a gift. I had clip-ons and bow ties that you would tie, but never a custom one. Starting in radio, you need a name, so I came up with the perfect one after talking to my Program Director.

Big Ced, Townsquare Media

One day, I spoke to a friend of mine and came up with the phrase "Big Ced: The Fly Guy with the Bow Ties, and as you would say, the rest is history.

I have been wearing custom bow ties since I started doing nights in 2014. I wanted to brand myself and stand out in the Austin radio market, and wearing bow ties did that for me.

I plan on starting my line of "Big Ced Custom Bow Ties". In the meantime, I want to see you wearing your favorite bow tie.

Here are few pictures of my favorite bow ties. I hope you enjoy!

Big Ced, Townsquare Media

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