This past week was a good, fun week, but also one for intense reflection.

First, let me take a moment to wish a happy belated birthday to one of my good friends and colleagues at My Kiss 103.1, DJ P-Funk. His birthday was yesterday.

Second, Saturday at Chief's Sports Bar was so much fun with the 90's theme party. Shoutout to everyone dressed in their 90's outfits.

Now, on the cause for reflection.

At the church I attend in Austin, our pastor, Randy Phillips, started a new series of blessings in the thorn.

He explains to the church what the meaning of a thorn is.

A thorn is anything that irritates or troubles your life continually.

I know I have had my fair share of thorns in my life. It makes you wonder why the Lord would allow us to have a thorn in our life.

Pastor Randy goes on to say that the Lord never gives a thorn without divine purpose.

He says I will learn to ask the right questions, including this one: when does the thorn become a blessing?

Dealing with your thorn, ask these questions:

"Do you have persistent "troubler"? and "Did you pray to the Highest to remove it"?

When I look at the Highest, I believe that He is sending blessings down all the time, but He allows us to have a thorn in our life so that we might find strength in our weakness.

My motivation for you is to think upon whatever thorn that you have in life right now. I want to have faith that it will be taken away, and that you can ask the Highest to remove it.

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