We are celebrating Women's History Month all through March.

This past Monday was International Women's Day, and here at Kiss 103.1, we want to acknowledge the great accomplishments our great female listeners are making.

Today's Working Women Wednesday spotlight shines on Kunstance Dawson!

Kunstance has been married to Rozon Dawson for over 16 years, and they've been together for 28 years. They have four beautiful daughters, Madison, 19, Aniya, 14, Rozaria, 9, and Zakiya, 8.

Kunstance began cooking at 9 years old while watching her big mama cook in her kitchen. While watching her, she noticed she never had a recipe for any of the food she cooked; she always just said she cooked it "with love."

Even though Kunstance was taught to cook with that same love, she chose several career paths throughout the years, but always knew in her heart that one day she would own her own restaurant.

Kunstance dreamed about how she wanted a place to cook good homemade soul food that would please many people's pallets.

In 2015, Kunstance was given the opportunity. After losing her job as an insurance contract specialist, she pursued her ultimate dream.

Kunstance purchased a food truck and started her own business called "Three Chicks Soul Food". She's been fortunate to cook for so many people, even celebrities!

After being in a food truck for two and a half years, Kunstance began to expand with her catering service.

Image Courtesy of Kunstance Dawson

Five years after starting her food truck business, she told herself that she would live out her ultimate dream of being a restaurant owner.

Kunstance Dawson

In October 2020, Kunstance made that dream a reality with the birth of "The AVEnue Southern Cuisine."

Kusnstance and her business partner collaborated to combine both of their businesses and bring Central Texas a unique type of amazing southern cuisine that had been missing.

The Avenue Southern Cuisine & Bar is located at 15424 FM 1825 in Pflugerville. They're expected to open in April 2021.

The Ave Big Ced


Kunstance says:

I live by my motto motivation plus determination equals success. Now, that I can actually live out my dream while being able to share the love of food with many I am grateful for this Talent and love of this game. Bon appetit.

You go, Kunstance! Way to live out your dream.

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