I don’t know about you Texas, but I can feel the love in the air this Valentine’s Day season. I think my favorite part of Valentine's is not necessarily the stuffed animals, chocolates, or even being lovey-dovey.

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My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is finding out where we going to eat at. Just being a foodie and loving the idea that my significant other planned an evening of wonderful food with me is really all I need for Valentine’s Day. (Maybe diamonds, too. LOL)

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According to Best Things Texas, the most romantic restaurant in our state could not be narrowed down to one. Since I am from the Central Texas region, I feel like it was only right that I give you what is recommended as the most romantic restaurant in our area.

You could find yourself at the Elberly located in Austin, which has amazing food and beautiful scenery with a fireplace, or the Melting Pot (also located in Austin), which is more of a unique dining experience, and who doesn’t like to try new things?

Last but not least, the Driskill Grill in Austin also offers a beautiful romantic atmosphere with delicious cuisine. This building is also one of Austin’s historic buildings with a beautiful interior.

What About Closer to Home?

Here in Killeen, I'd definitely recommend Little Italy. The food and atmosphere will inspire amore.

Over in Temple, you cannot find a more romantic date spot than Pignetti's. If you're a wine lover, you'll be in paradise.

Finally, I have to recommend Dead Fish Grill in Belton. Don't let the name fool you - this is a nice place to eat with an unbeatable view of Lake Belton. (If you ask nicely, they may even let you fire the cannon.)

Happy Valentine's Day


Where were you decide to go this Valentine’s Day season, as long as you’re with your loved one your belly is full what can you really complain about? Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers out there especially in Central Texas!

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