The good folks over at TMZ Live reached out to me on Tuesday to talk about a story involving comedian Kathy Griffin telling a reporter that she is being "black listed" in Hollywood just months after a photo of her holding a severed head of President Trump created universal backlash from millions of Americans whether they supported the President or not.

My thoughts are this, Kathy has to realize that she's in "time out" because when you decide to release a photo like the one she shared, people don't want to deal with you, at least in the short term. Kathy Griffin is talented and hilarious but people won't be able to remove that image out their heads, so just take some time off, and come back stronger next time once people have removed the bad taste out of their mouth. To put simply, she'll be alright.

It ain't as if she "took a knee" during the national anthem. Check out TMZ Live weekdays at 6:00 PM on KYLE MyNetwork TV 28 here in Central Texas!

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