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Did You Catch Shani Scott & Melz On TMZ Live This Week?
Its been a busy week for us as we were invited back for another appearance on TMZ Live this week to give our thoughts and opinions on the hot topics in entertainment!
First, let me give you some "behind the scenes" tea. Shani was scheduled to be on the show on Monday but as always the case …
Jammin On TMZ Live!
If you missed Shani Scott & Melz On The Mic on TMZ Live a few days ago we got you!
We were invited on the show to talk about rapper Travis Scott being arrested for inciting a riot and Shani came on to make comments on about the recent controversy with Mo'Nique and Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Pe…
Catch Shani Scott & Melz On The MIC On TMZ Live Tonight!
It all really happened like this:
Shani & Melz were doing their usual thing, Jammin On The Job with all of the CTX when they received a message from TMZ asking if they would like to be guests on TMZ Live today, and of course the only answer that was appropriate was:
So catch the Jammin On…