Welp fellas if you had plans to shoot your shot to R&B star Mya, you missed it because some lucky guy has snatched her up.

According to TMZ, the star has been holding on to a secret for a several months that has surprised everyone: SHE'S MARRIED! Mya held a super secret wedding in Seychelles, an island nation off the African coast, back in December and they did a great job keeping all the details under wraps.

Folks still don't even know WHO SHE MARRIED. The 40 year old singer has been linked to many rappers and pro athletes in the past but she hasn't "publicly" dated anyone in years so Mya's "Mystery husband" remains just that, a mystery. But she does look amazing in her dress.

So the folks over a TMZ Live invited me onto the show to share my thoughts on this topic and in the video above I share the breaking news that I AM MYA'S NEW HUSBAND. I'm just joking but Harvey Levin the team thought that was funny so they over nighted me a TMZ t-shirt!


Congratulations to Mya and her "mystery husband"!

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