After enjoying the unlimited sun of the west coast, Love & Hip Hop has moved back to it's original home -- New York City -- for the eighth season. And last night's episode (October 30) was hardly short of the drama that we left behind in the Big Apple months ago.

Let's start off with the beloved couple -- Yandy and Mendeecees. Despite the fact that Mendeecees was sentenced to jail and his family had been split up, he and Yandy had been trying to keep it together. And being the big businesswoman she was, Yandy continued her hustle into the eighth season. The only downside to it was the fact she had been too busy to take Mendeecees' calls. Even though she swore that they speak all day, every day, Remy Ma, who went through what Mendeecees was presently experiencing, didn't think Yandy was doing enough.

And she wasn't the only one doubting Yandy's actions. Mendeecees was so concerned with the lack of communication that he called none other than his own mom, Judy, to investigate. So it didn't turn out well for Yandy when Judy turned up at a photo shoot she was work on with the rapper, Grafh. And of all the times Judy could have appeared, it was while Yandy was rubbing lotion into the rapper's arms. Judy instantly thought something sketchy was happening and indirectly accused Yandy of creeping on her man. The scene quickly blew up, and security had to pull Judy away from Grafh, who she started hitting at one point.

Those were not the only punches thrown. Bianca was supposed to turn over a new leaf after the last season. But she just couldn't help herself and threw a show at new LHH cast member, Bri, who we found out is one of her rivals. The two started fighting in the club. And although Bri tried to just walk away from the situation, Bianca couldn't stop herself from running after the other woman.

Meanwhile, Remy Ma was living the high life. Her career has been blowing up, and she's got her family altogether. And in this episode, she redeemed her hip-hop glory with a BET Hip Hop Award, which made her the ultimate rap queen.

With all the success, she was ready to get back into the studio and work on new material. But Papoose had to remind her about their plans to have another child. While they dealt with the pain of a miscarriage, they, or more like Papoose, was still hopeful for a baby in their future. Remy tried to brush it off, but we know that this conversation had only begun.

Finally, we saw Safaree leave Hollywood with a grand party. And now he's back in the LHH spotlight, but this time in New York City. While he wanted to get back to his musical roots and his family, he was also hoping that he'd actually be able to find love. But after talking to his mother, he was slammed with criticism over his poor choices in women. And his mom volunteered herself to decided who her son should be with.

Knowing Safaree, he had other plans. So make sure to tune in next week to find out if he finally finds the woman of his dreams.

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