In last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we were left with the question of whether or not Lil Scrappy has been playing two ladies -- his baby mama Tiarra and current girlfriend Tommie.

Before we get to answering that drama, this week's episode put the spotlight on the transgender community with the introduction of two new castmates -- D. Smith and Chris. Last season, LHH Atlanta opened audiences eyes when the series introduced a few gay couples on the show with Milan and Miles as well as Ashley Nicole and her boo. The same-sex couples' story lines during the season later sparked a town hall discussion about being LGBT in the hip-hop community.

While we met Chris last week as Mimi Faust's new bae, we didn't know too much. However, when Ariane Davis caught up with Mimi and Chris, we found that Chris was trans and identified as a male in a female body. So when Ariane questioned whether or not Mimi was now "lezzie," Chris was quick to say no because he may have been born with the lady parts but he's a guy.

Then D. Smith makes her debut on the show. Ready to make her presence felt in the ATL, Smith already is a big name in the music biz with two Grammy trophies and a bevy of collaborations with the likes of Keri Hilson, Lil Wayne and Andre 3000. She walked down the runway for a charity fashion show and caught the eye of Tammy, Waka Flocka Flame's wife, who has her own fashion line and wanted Smith to model it.

Smith revealed that she's in her first year of transitioning into a woman. Despite the fact that Tammy couldn't tell, Smith felt uncomfortable because her best friend, Betty Idol, told her about an interview Waka Flocka did and the insensitive comments he made about the trans community.

Though D. Smith is interested in the project, she needed to chat with Tammy regarding her husband's transphobic comments. When the two meet, it's clear that Tammy is blown away by the fact that Smith is trans, and we're not sure if she really gets it. After Smith points out the things Waka said, Tammy explained that he was purely directing it to Caitlyn Jenner and not the whole community.

Still unsure what to do, D. Smith invites Tammy to meet with Betty Idol. Unfortunately, Betty isn't a fan of her or Tammy's friend, Bambi (aka Lil Scrappy's ex) and who Betty's been playing around with. The conversation got heated, drinks were thrown and obviously that meant war.

Speaking of Scrappy, the tension between him and the Frosts (Rasheeda and Kirk) wasn't getting better. After Momma Dee decided to build a bird's nest in the middle of Rasheed's clothing boutique last week, Kirk took the matter into his own hands and confronted Scrap regarding their issues.

However, when he dropped by Scrappy's modeling agency's open call event, the rapper had no clue what Kirk was talking about. Meanwhile, Momma Dee initially looked innocent then admitted what happened and said she did it for her baby.

While Scrappy could never really get mad at his mama, that didn't mean he wasn't upset with his friend. Scrap called Kirk out for not even telling him the night before that the Frosts couldn't make it to the hearing. And by the end of the chat, it looked like Kirk and Scrappy may no longer be friends.

Now that we're all caught up, let's go back to the love triangle between Lil Scrappy, Tiarra and Tommie. The fight at the club last week got ugly and left Tiarra with an injured wrist, finger and hours in the hospital. Mad about the situation, she confronts Scrapp about his relations with Tommie and threatened to take his son away from him if he didn't sort it out. After Scrapp admitted that he was dealing with both Tiarra and Tommie, his baby mama couldn't help but try to sucker punch him. Then again, who could blame her?

Meanwhile at Tommie's, Scrapp came clean to a sobbing Tommie but was then shown the door once he admitted to sleeping with both women at the same time.

Scrapp's clearly in a bind and needs to fix this quickly. Tune in next week to find out how this pans out and see who Lil Scrappy goes to for advice about his lady problems.

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