As Scrapp counted the days till he has to go to jail on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, he was doing his best to keep it together. Unfortunately, everything around him kept blowing up. When we left you last week, Scrapp was trying to reconnect his baby mama, Tiarra, with his mom, K.K., in hopes of trying to figure out a way everyone to come together for his son while he's gone. But since Tiarra and K.K. hate each other, the talk ended in another fight between the two. And while he may have given that part of his life a rest, he seemed to invite more drama in when he and Karlie got together a few weeks ago.

While she was technically with Lyfe Jennings, Karlie had been hanging out with Scrapp a bit more and was starting to actually like him. But considering his track record with other women, it was safe to say that we can't really trust the man as far as being true to one female.

What makes the situation worse was the fact that Tommie found a receipt that Karlie signed inside Scrapp's car. Now we've seen Tommie go crazy, and this situation was no different. She immediately went to his place and began attacking him. However, after getting in his face about the receipt, Tommie sat down and started sobbing. We're not too sure if she's really hurt by what's happening (She probably is.) or has some emotional issues (She probably does.). But by the end of the dramatic scene, Tommie had one more target to hit -- Karlie.

But before we get to that fight, Tommie had a meeting with Stevie J, Scrapp's uncle, about working with him. However, we see her evil side when she tried to entice Uncle Stevie even though she supposedly loves Scrapp.

Meanwhile, Scrapped tried to find out if Karlie set him up. But Ms. Redd called his bluff when she ended up breaking things off with him and told him to sort his life out.

Although Karlie was done with Scrapp, Tommie still wanted to knock her out. So she stalked her social media and then went straight to the studio to meet Karlie after she taped her latest radio show. The two were quick on the comments, but Karlie easily set Tommie off. And it wasn't surprising to see Tommie climb onto the table to get at her opponent and eventually get carried away by security.

If you thought that was all the drama on the latest episode, it's only the beginning. Ernest and Momma Dee's problems have still been going on. Not sure what else to do, Ernest not only brings Dee to their pastor for some counseling, which ended in some awkward moments, but also sat down with Rasheeda's mom and revealed that Momma Dee was bipolar, on meds for it and was also drinking a lot. Now that explains a lot about her behavior.

While Stevie J was having his meeting with Tommie, Joseline and Mimi had a meeting of their own. Not only did we learn that Stevie's manager contract with Joseline is over, but he's been using her money for other things including a supposed new baby and its mama. Never did we think that Joseline and Mimi would be on the same side. But as Joseline began to sob over the entire problem, Mimi couldn't help but feel sorry for her and offer her support. But Mimi was also ready to get the truth from Stevie.

What will Stevie say? Will he come clean? Tune in next week to find out.

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