We all know that when some of our favorite stars start to fade, they start opening up the doors of their lives through "Reality TV" shows and one of the most popular shows recently has been WeTV's "Marriage Boot Camp" which has since expanded from a show about "regular" couples to doing "hip hop editions" featuring rappers and singers.

The gist of the show if you've never saw is this: couples (even though a few are not married despite the show's title) live together and work for 10 days to save their relationships with the help of several experts, including divorce court judge Lynn Toler.

I've seen a few of the past seasons of this show before so if you're into MESSY couples drama, then this is the show for you and this upcoming season promises some starts we remember.

In this upcoming season set to premiere on February 6th, we'll see singer/rapper Cee-Lo Green try to work out issues with his girlfriend Shani, 90's R&B star Michel'le beefing with her man Stew who she believes isn't attracted to her, plus reality show regular Joseline Hernandez who is trying to pressure her man by the name of "Balistic" into marrying her.

There's a ton of other mess this season so get ready for "Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition" dropping Thursday Feb. 6th on WeTV.

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