There have only been three episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but there's one thing that's consistent. When one fight ends, another one begins. But before we get into that, the show welcomed back Stevie J.

Wanting to be back with his family and keep an eye on Mimi, he decided to move his operations back to Atlanta. When he got back, he dropped by Mimi's house to see his daughter, Eva. Unfortunately, his daughter is on a play date, but that meant Mimi could tell him about her new bae.

Once she revealed Chris to Stevie, he didn't really know how to respond. Whether he's in denial or just plain baffled, Stevie started to tease Mimi her relationship. However Mimi dug back by telling him Chris is the best she's ever had in bed. Ouch!

Last week's episode ended with a brewing fight between Tammy and Betty Idol over Idol's comments regarding Tammy's husband Waka Flocka Flame and his comments about the transgender community. All the disses got Tammy so heated that she threw a drink at Betty, which turned the argument into a brawl that left D. Smith, who was quietly watching this unfold, confused and Betty with a chunk of hair pulled out of her head.

After the fight went down, we found Betty in flirty mode with Lil Scrappy in the studio. While the Atlanta rapper wants to focus on work, he can't help himself but tries to keep it professional. And that became easier when Betty admitted that she got into a fight with Tammy. Scrapp doesn't respond to this very well because he got to know Tammy through his ex, Bambi, and she's like family to him. Instead of feeling bad, Betty accused Scrappy of not being over his ex.

Meanwhile, Waka Flocka Flame came home and ready for some loving from his wife, Tammy. But she's not in the mood to give him that but complains about her issues with Betty Idol and D. Smith instead. Although he told her not to mind them, she still held back on the affection because Tammy felt that Waka hardly ever romanced her.

Tammy also told Mimi, Bambi, Waka's momanger, Debra Atney, and her mother about Betty Idol and D. Smith during her Black Men magazine cover party. Obviously, all the women had her back, but Bambi took it a step further by confronting Scrappy, who apparently has been posting his meetups with Betty on social media.

Bambi later dropped by unannounced to her ex's home and called him out for even dealing with Betty. The two then start arguing over the fact that while he's set on starting his modeling agency, Scrappy never helped Bambi out when they were together. So to punish Scrappy, she takes back her puppy and even walks out of his place with the dog food that he bought for their furry animal.

Scrappy then tried to appease Bambi, who he still loves even though they're broken up, by telling Betty to apologize to Tammy. However, Betty refused to do it unless she gets to yank at Bam's hair. By the end of the conversation, Scrappy decided to stop working with Betty because of the situation.

If you thought this was over, think again. Tammy then confronted D. Smith, who didn't show up to the Black Men magazine premiere. The two didn't hold back on how they felt about the situation and were both letting all their laurels fly high. While Tammy said that D. could have benefited from being exposed to all the people she knew in Atlanta if they worked together, D. said that she's a Grammy winner and Tammy couldn't do anything more for her.

After laying out all the different people involved in the Tammy vs. Betty argument, you'd think that the fights were over. But we haven't touched on the volatile love triangle among Scrapp, Tommie and Tiarra. Before having a chat with both women, Scrapp met up wit his uncle Stevie J for some advice. Uncle Stevie said Scrapp needs to choose one, but he's not willing to do that.

At the end of the episode, Scrapp sat down with the two ladies. He explained that he'll have to go to jail, and hopefully these two would see he wants both of them in his life. Unfortunately, this not only makes Tiarra furious, but it also starts a fight between her and Tommie that require security and producers to separate the two.

So much drama in only three episodes, and we haven't even seen Joseline Hernandez and K. Michelle, both of whom are supposed to appear this season. So be sure to tune in to see what happens next.

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