By now you've seen the slap, heard across the world. Honestly, I would call this one of the most shocking moments in television history that I've seen.




Chris Rock told a joke about Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett- Smith, comparing her to "G.I. Jane" and saying she'll see her in the sequel because of Jada's bald head. Jada Pinkett Smith has alopecia, hair loss resulting from a range of conditions including stress, heredity, or just a part of aging, according to The Mayo Clinic.

Back to Will,. After initially chuckling at Rock's joke and seeing his wife disapprove, Smith then approached the stage, slapped Rock, fixed his suit, and then slowly walked back to his seat with absolutely no fawks to give (you heard me), then sat right back down next to his wife.

How I Know It Wasn't Staged

Everyone that attends the Oscars knows they are going to be on live television, so that's one of the reasons you see them dressed in their best. When you see the clip, it showed Will using excessive profanity. (He wasn't cursing, he cussin'.)



When he repeated "Keep My Wife's Name Out Your F*&ing Mouth" and I saw that look on Will's face, it was at THAT moment when I knew this was not an act.

Chris Rock Kept His Composure As Much As He Could

In my opinion, Chris Rock did an excellent job of keeping his composure after the smacking.

Here Are My Thoughts On The Slapping

  1. It wasn’t staged. I disagree with everyone that has that opinion.
  2. Will wasn’t wrong confronting Rock, but he should have done it backstage.
  3. Since Will has already apologized, I think Chris Rock should apologize too and let this be over.
  4. Chris Rock has new on-stage material for at least the next year.

I would also say congrats to Will Smith, who won his first Oscar, but his actions really watered down his moment. 

Here's What Facebook Had To Say




Questlove Props

Honorable mention to Ahmir Thompson a.k.a. Questlove from The Roots, who also won an Oscar for Best Documentary. Let's watch it again because, at the time he won, we were all on our phones tweeting and scrolling on Instagram.




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