It was a tense 60 minutes for us here in Central Texas as The Voice announced its finalists last night.

Killeen's Rose Short wasn't one of the top 3 vote earners so she had to perform one more song to be instantly saved by America's vote and she didn't disappoint. Choosing a classic from the late great "Queen Of Soul" Aretha Franklin, Rose SANG her way into the finals!

Her performance as you just saw got America on their phones and apps and pushed her up over the top to make it into next week's finale of The Voice!

So now it comes down to next Monday and Tuesday night. The live finale will take place on NBC and Rose will now have a shot at becoming "The Voice" for 2019 and earning a major recording contract.

Considering what we saw last night, Rose is going to need our votes and STREAMS now more than ever! Don't forget to VOTE on or use "The Voice" Official app when the live shows happen next week and also make sure that you STREAM or PURCHASE Rose's performances on Apple Music because those count as votes for Rose as well.

We're so excited for Rose and her success and we really believe that she will WIN this competition but WE have to do OUR part!


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