Now every week I’m told that I’m biased because I vote for Jershika Maple due to the fact that she is an actual native of Killeen, Texas, and I respectfully reply each week that even if she wasn't a Killeen native, you cannot deny that this woman has an undeniable talent. She is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Besides, Killeen sticks with Killeen regardless of whatever the situation may be, so yes, I'm absolutely guilty of rooting for a hometown girl.

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Proudly Biased

So what if I’m being biased or I’m picking favorites when it comes to this competition on NBC's 'The Voice'? Jershika Maple has definitely made her stamp in this game.

Monday night, she performed a classic by one of my favorite artists, Sir Elton John. Jershika executed the classic song Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me.

I don’t know if Elton John was watching with amazement like the rest of us, but I can definitely assure you that Central Texas was!

Before even getting into the conversation of Jershika's outstanding talents and ranges that she can hit, can we please discuss the wardrobe this week?  My goodness, this woman looks like a beautiful melanin Barbie doll with the prettiest flowers in her hair!

The vibe that Maple gave me last night was black Barbie meets flower child.  I know people are getting tired of me saying that every week that she is going to win, but I’m going, to be honest with you: I'm not going to stop.

I can’t wait to finally rub it in people’s faces that she is the winner! Do not forget to vote, Central Texas. You can support her with your votes here.

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