The marquee for the high school located in west El Paso has seen better days and donations are needed to fix it up.

The pole is in good shape and will remain standing, according to Michelle Jimenez, but the sign is "an eyesore, outdated and broken".

The GoFundMe page has raised $500 of the $30,000 goal.

A marquee is the face of the school, and the state of ours is an embarrassment. As a cougar with pride, we need to save the marquee. We are calling on all alumni, parents, students, teachers, staff, and community members to donate for this cause. Michelle Jimenez/GoFundMe

Franklin High School was built in 1993 and is not, as many assume, named for the Founding Father. It's actually named for the nearby Franklin Mountains.

Texas Parks & Wildlife
Texas Parks & Wildlife

The mountains weren't named after Ben Franklin either, by the way. Well, not that Ben Franklin.

They were named after a rancher named Benjamin Franklin Coons. He bought a bunch of land near the mountain range and leased part of it to the US Government where it became the areas first military post.

He then built a tavern, a warehouse, some stables and a store but things didn't work out. Pretty much broke, he left for California, rebuilt his fortune and then came back to his ranch to give it another shot.

That didn't work out either though, mostly due to him losing his government contract, and he left again, this time for good. The "Franklin Community" he established was later renamed El Paso.

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