Here in Texas, we do everything bigger and better in my eyes, especially good food! Texas food to me is different from the other states only because a lot of times we incorporate elements from our friends from across the border in Mexico into whatever delicious dishes we make, plus fusions with other types of cuisine thanks to the influx of people moving here.

Here in Texas, you can find yourself eating delicious cuisine that we like to call "Tex Mex", and before you ask, no Tex Mex and Mexican food or not the same.

But there's one dish that's officially considered the signature bowl here in the Lone Star State, and it's one that still stirs debate to this day.

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According to the Washington on the Brazos Historical Foundation (and elementary school teachers across our state, the official food of Texas is - drum roll - chili.

It makes sense, right? You can easily imagine cowboys cooking it around a campfire or settlers throwing this and that into the pot in their cabin. It wasn't the official dish from day 1, though. That wouldn't happen until May 11, 1977.

I love this quote from Lyndon B. Johnson: "[C]hili concocted outside of Texas is a weak, apologetic imitation of the real thing." We all know that's true!


A bowl of chili topped with onions and cheese, maybe some crackers or cornbread. Say less, you'll have a Texan in your pocket with this meal.

That's right - it's the beans. Do you put 'em in or not?

Purists insist beans have no place in Texas chili, while others say they'll put any darn thing they want in their pot.

It's a debate as old as our state, and it doesn't seem likely to be resolved any time soon.


Personally, I don’t care if you add beans, don’t add beans, shredded cheese on top, or even put sour cream on top. Chili is all about Texas, and Texas is all about freedom.

So, how do you like your chili? It really doesn’t matter as long as you share!

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