As I perusing Facebook, I stumbled across the question: Who's Version of "This Christmas" is better: Chris Brown's or Donny Hathaway?

After I stepped outside to verify that we were still on planet Earth, then after a few more minutes of quietly contemplating this unbelievable and ridiculous comparison then realizing that I do live in a country where a WWE Reality TV Show star is the leader of the free world, free speech is promised and debate is fun from time to time! So I've took the liberty of looking up a few different versions of this holiday standard to get you to argue about it with the family this holiday season!

Check out the list below!

  • 1

    Chris Brown

    Okay, now I'm not gonna knock Chris Brown's version which is very soulful and could be the NEXT generations holiday classic, but he still needs about another 10 years before he can take Donny's crown.

  • 2

    Gloria Estefan

    Since we're doing comparisons, how about this version from Gloria Estefan? Yea or Nah?

  • 3


    Seal covered the holiday classic as well, before you say NOPE, take a listen it ain't bad at all!

  • 4


    Pentatonix gave it a shot, it's not bad, but it just doesn't have the soul of the original by Donny. Maybe you hear something different?

  • 5

    Cee-Lo Green

    A new front runner for me is Cee-Lo Green who damn near recreates Donny's version note for note down to the instrumental!

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