Staff, KWTX
Staff, KWTX


I saw them this morning as I was headed eastbound on I-14 on the way to work in Temple. Six of them, to be exact.

Oh yeah. Killeen Police were out!

But if you were doing the speed limit, had your seatbelt on, taillights and brake lights working insurance is up to date, there shouldn't be any problems right?

Well, something like that.

According to The Killeen PD News this morning there were 151 violations and one arrest during a speed enforcement detail along I-14 in Killeen.

There were 124 people speeding, 7 didn't have auto insurance, 4 warnings issued, 4 people were probably nervous the cops were out (or they were set-up) and got ticketed for improperly passing an emergency vehicle.

Two people just flat out didn't have a license, three people didn't change their address on their license.

Other ticketed offenses include one person running a red light (why did they catch YOU of all people? lol)

Another person failed to dim their headlights, so you mean to tell me all you had to do is dim them and you are out of a ticket? (Who are you?)


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