No matter where you are during your day, if the sounds of Crystal Waters' 1991 house anthem "Gypsy Woman" enter your zone, it's physically impossible to refrain from singing along to "She wakes up early every morning just to do her hair now because she cares y'all." British darling Estelle gives you a welcomed break "at your desk, at home, at church, wherever" to join her as she delivers the lah-dah-dee ode before moving into her own '90s dance celebration "Something Good" for Honda’s Off the Record series.

Backed by a three-piece band -- bass, keyboard and guitar -- Estelle sits in an intimate studio setting but commands the room with her breezy, soulful voice as if she was performing in a concert hall. “I was hurt for so long / Doesn’t matter who was right / Doesn’t matter who was wrong / All that matters is I’m back where I belong,” she sings as the piano-driven melody drives the tune.

"Something Good," which sits on the 35-year-old's fourth studio album, True Romance, represents that courage you need to keep it moving when you've hit at a low point. Believe us, we've all been there. The all-new Honda HR-V is the perfect ride to help you bid farewell to the bad vibes and drive to a most positive destination -- all with the singer's music as the soundtrack.

Dance your pain away with Estelle as she performs "Something Good" for Off the Record.

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