"Conqueror" has proved to be another career-winning sonic slam dunk for Estelle.

After her 2008 Grammy Award-winning tune "American Boy" garnered the London-bred singer international fame, she faltered in achieving similar success with songs that followed. But that wasn't a sign of her waning talent. In this fickle music industry, it's hit or miss, luck or loss at times. When she created the power ballad "Conqueror," off her fourth album, True Romance, this year, Estelle wasn't looking for critical acclaim. The personal, encouraging anthem represents her tumultuous experiences both in the business and out and the glory that has come along with it is an added bonus.

The 35-year-old singer received an opportunity that most artists only dream of: she performed the soaring track on Fox's hit drama Empire while simultaneously playing the role of Delfine. That move introduced her to a wider audience and likely caused her phone to ring incessantly with offers and congratulations. "Conqueror" is a testament to Estelle believing in herself when no one else would. "Do what you got to do, don't ever give up," she says during a revealing interview for Honda's Off the Record series. Much like the all-new Honda HR-V, Estelle keeps moving with ease.

With more than 10 years dedicated to living her dream, the court hasn't always been a polished surface for her to play on. "It's continual hard work and continual laser focus belief. I sleep, I do yoga, I cook and I talk to my family a lot. That's how I balance it," Estelle shares.

Take a look as Estelle opens up about moving forward with her goals, adapting to the constant change in the music business, crushing defeat and more for Off the Record.

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