They don't make love like they used to. Of course those butterflies can't be boxed up and sold for cheap, but these days, it feels harder to physically connect in the age of likes, tweets and snaps. Estelle remembers a moment in time (a quarter to two, to be exact) when she experienced feeling "gold" with her guy as she performs "All That Matters" for Honda's Off the Record series.

Gentle guitar licks and tinkling keys support her pining lyrics. "And if the sun should go away from here / It don't matter, cause with you I shine / And if these clouds, keep you from coming near / It don't matter, you're already mine," the U.K. native sings on the song, which appears on her True Romance album. The song sets the perfect vibe to zone out while cruising along in the all-new Honda HR-V.

Experience Estelle's stripped-down performance of "All That Matters" for Off the Record.

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