When you think about the great state of Texas a couple of things come to mind. Honestly, you can’t mention Texas without mentioning Whataburger, Dallas Cowboys, and last, but not least H-E-B grocery store. I don’t know a Texan that doesn’t prefer going to H-E-B outside of any other corporate grocery store if I’m being honest.

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H-E-B Copperas Cove, Google Maps
H-E-B Copperas Cove, Google Maps

Now course you have Walmart, Kroger’s, and Publix, but none of those could ever compare to H-E-B in my opinion. H-E-B is just one of those grocery stores that not only makes you feel comfortable with finding the perfect spices or ingredients when searching for items, but the bargains at H-E-B for their Hillcountry brand in my opinion are just, perfect! I’ve met Texans who have moved out of the state and when they come back to Texas the first place they want to visit is a HEB. Recently I took to social media to ask Texans if there is anything we can find wrong about H-E-B, and including myself Texans only have one issue with, the "magic store".



HEB, the great state of Texas has spoken and we are all in agreement that we need an Apple Pay/ Google Pay inside of an H-E-B. In the world we live in now electronics have become a part of everyday life including using Apple or Google Pay. There’s no worst feeling, in my opinion than waiting in line and realizing you do not have your wallet. Not only do you have to walk back to your car to get your wallet, but it’s a possibility that you’ve lost your spot in line, who wants to go through that? Texans say the convenience of Apple Pay inside of an H-E-B would not only crush its competitors, but it’ll also make shopping less stressful. Hopefully, someone at H-E-B can change the rules for Texans very soon, because just like the slogan " Here Everything's Better".

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