That Ed Sheeran gets around.

He hangs out with all the pretty ladies -- like Taylor Swift, his tourmate, 'Everything Has Changed' collaborator and rumored GF. He's now made the rounds to T. Swizzle's bestie Selena Gomez. Wait, what? Selena? What the heck was the ginger kid doing at Sel's crib? He was snapped leaving her residence in Los Angeles.

Relax, relax, relax. Stall those "NEW COUPLE ALERT" headlines, peeps. It wasn't a walk of shame and his pal Justin Bieber has nada to worry about. His friend definitely isn't moving in on his ex.

For the dudes wondering "What's that guy got?" We have a simple answer. Sheeran was toting his trusty guitar, so he must have been at Gomez's pad working on some music. Unless, of course, he was serenading her as part of his romance strategy for the single singer and actress?

Okay, we'll stop there. We don't want to stoke the fires of gossip. Sheeran does exhibit magical chemistry with Swift on the musical level. Perhaps he wants to repeat this with Sel?

Check out the photos of Sheeran packing his guitar case into the trunk of a car after making beautiful music with the 'Come & Get It' diva.

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