At some point last year, there was a raging debate amongst a few Texas cities including Austin and San Antonio, about who invented the "breakfast taco" first. And while that debate was never settled, as a resident of this state and having acquired quite the affection for this efficient and delicious food, recent news from Taco Bell about a new taco they are releasing has me concerned that our great state is falling behind the curve on what I like to call 'taco tech'.

Taco Bell will begin serving its "Naked Chicken Chalupa" this month, its a taco with a shell made of white chicken. Not only does this sound DELICIOUS but also made we ask: WHY WEREN'T YOU ON THIS FIRST TEXAS?

Having tried a variety of tacos in my time here, when are we going to update our taco tech? I mean we are the home of the "brisket taco" for the love of salsa! We should have a wide variety of "shell" options, I know one for sure is BACON! Imagine a brisket taco wrapped in a bacon shell? Where is my napkin, because I'm already drooling over this thought!

But we need to get it together Texas. Let's show the rest of the world that our tacos aren't to be messed with! If you have any suggestions on who's leading the way in Taco Tech, let us know!

Taco Bell has been testing this product in parts of California for about a year. Now it has the go-ahead to hit your local Taco Bell on January 26.

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