There's a civil war brewing in Texas - and it's about the breakfast taco. The cities of Austin and San Antonio are at wits end trying to figure out where the original breakfast taco was invented and perfected.

Hopefully with a bit of humor behind the politician, Austin Mayor Steve Adler told volunteers at a local community event on Saturday that "the city of Austin is currently at war with San Antonio over a subject that I know we all hold dear in our hearts. That of course, is breakfast tacos," according to Austin Statesman.

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor responded in Texas-like manner on Sunday, meaning she didn't back down.

OK, Mayor Adler and all you longhorn-loving, live-music-listening, boardwalk-running Austinites, I and all the taco-making, taco-eating, taco-reigning San Antonians will take your challenge and raise you one machacado con huevo taco on a flour tortilla recien hecha (freshly made) con salsa verde. #original512. Let's finally end this taco-versy with a taste-off. I'll bring some of our favorite tacos and you bring yours.

I, for one, just want to be at the meeting place where this battle will begin - napkin on my lap, hot sauce on my left and an empty stomach yearning for one of the best breakfast foods known to man.

And to think, this all began with some New Yorker (Matthew Sedacca) who wrote an article claiming Austin was the Mecca for breakfast tacos on February 19. Since then, San Antonio made a petition, which you can find here, demanding Sedacca be exiled form the state of Texas for committing such a sin.

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