Whoa now, this is scary!

What would you do if you were sitting in your car outside of a restaurant waiting, and you see two people with huge guns trying to get in?

You would freak out, right?

What Happened?

In the Facebook group What's Happening in Killeen/Fort Hood, a woman posted a video with the caption: “this happened while I was waiting outside of the Taco Bell on Fort Hood street, near the Rancier gates.”



In the video, you clearly see a female holding an object that looks like a gun, attempting to enter locked doors at a Taco Bell in Killeen on Fort Hood Street. If you pay attention to the comments of the original video, viewers slowed the video down and screenshotted some frames, finding another person holding what seems to be a long gun (rifle) at the edge of the frame of the recording.

Here is a zoom-in of a still picture of what appears to be a second person with a gun according to comments:



Were The Police Called?

It isn't known if the Killeen Police were notified of this incident, although the comments in the group suggest authorities were notified according to a police scanner.


Open Carry Law Makes All This Possible

A law went into effect September 1st, 2021 making it legal for people over the age of 21 with a clean record who have not served a sentence for a felony or a domestic violence conviction to carry handguns without a license or training.

With every law, this one has met much opposition due to concern for public safety.

Personally, I believe in the right to bear arms and having the ability to protect yourself and your family.

Having said that, I also feel that those who bear arms should at least be educated on it and do so responsibly and sensibly.

Are We Jumping To Conclusions Or No?

Just to be open-minded about this situation, what if these people meant no harm? What if they just aren't educated on how to handle this size gun in public? What if they just purchased these guns, simply because they could?

What alarms me is the person isn't trying to hide their face and isn't looking around to see if anyone sees her, so if the intention were to hurt someone, I assume, being identified wasn't something this person was worried about.

Also to be diplomatic: we are in a social media era where pranks and views make money for people, who knows if this is a prank?

One person in the chat suggested the female in the video is holding an umbrella. However, that theory gets debunked when another viewer slows the video down, clearly showing the unidentified woman holding a gun.

Nobody knows the intentions of the people who attempted to enter Taco Bell, and who knows what could have happened if those doors were unlocked.

We are just happy to see no one was hurt.

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