"Re-shipping" scams have been trending nationwide, and its now starting to hit close to home as Copperas Cove Police are now warning residents about the scam after a few local residents were victims of it.

"Re-shipping" involves scammers using stolen credit cards to purchase then "ship" packages to unsuspecting middle men who have posted their information on online job search engines and are contacted for an interview.

After a contract is signed and the packages start arriving, the victims are instructed to open the package, check for damage, and send a photo to the scammer, who in turn mails a shipping label with instructions on which shipping company to use.

Kathleen Serie with our news partner, KWTX, reports that nine Copperas Cove residents were victim to the scam last year according to CCPD Detective Rick Counter. Counter went on to say that if you do become a middleman for scammers, you would not be charged with a crime if you were under the impression it was a legitimate business.

Even though the middleman is not out any money, it does take time away from them. So please be careful about what jobs you're applying for and make sure they are a legitimate business.

Man Receives Package Delivery
Lisa F. Young via ThinkStock

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