I logged online to social media last night and saw a lot of buzz about a commercial men's grooming company Gillette released called "We Believe". The commerical has gone viral due to its response to the "#MeToo" movement asking men to shave their "toxic masculinity".

The ad features scenes of men and boys bullying, "mansplaining" and sexually harassing women and then reenacts those scenes with men stepping in to put a stop to the behavior and asking other men to change their behavior.

Apparently there's disagreement from some online who believe that the ad is an attack on men. In my opinion, if you're upset that a commercial is challenging you to not be an "a**hole" towards women then you have the problem.

We live in a time where women and girls are demanding respect and to be treated with dignity and far too often, we forget or just simply don't know the type of behavior we exhibit and that's where this fascinating ad comes in. Terry Crews appears in the spot and says "Men have to hold other men accountable" and no truer words have been spoken.

If we want the boys that will grow up to be the men of tomorrow to treat our DAUGHTERS, SISTERS, MOTHERS and other women in our life with respect and dignity then it starts with us as men. Its never too late to change our ways. Nice work Gillette.

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