On Wednesday afternoon, by a slim margin of 4-3, the Killeen City Council voted NO to regulations that would apply to bars and after-hour businesses that allow customers to bring alcohol in their establishments.

 According to KWTX, had the ordinance passed, it would have required the BYOB businesses to obtain an annual permit.

The ordinance would have also required those businesses to close at 2 am, have a manager onsite, develop a safety plan, and get commercial liability insurance.

The ordinance may not have passed, but you can bet the City will probably take up the issue again because of violence at BYOB locations. Two of the cities' 7 recent killings have occurred at B.Y.O.B establishments in 2021.

Councilwoman Melissa Brown, who has vowed to continue working with B.Y.O.B  businesses despite the decision, told KWTX:

“Violence happens at TABC regulated bars, at backyard BBQs at the park but it also happens at BYOBs. They’re a little more susceptible to violence because they open late right now some of them open as late as 5 a.m, So if a regular bar closes and you have someone who has already been drinking all night and they go to a late-night after-hours place and continue to drink, they’re going to become more intoxicated,” 

The failed ordinance is modeled off of one passed by Harker Heights over a year ago, and Brown says she'll be working on a compromise ordinance that would be more about reducing noise complaints by requiring BYOB establishments cut off live outdoor music at a certain time.

What do you think? Should be BYOB bars face more regulation for safety's sake? Would these regulations reduce violence?

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