Everyone in Texas is familiar with the book and subsequent franchise "Friday Night Lights" created by author Buzz Bissinger in 1991 which tells the story of the dramatic 1988 high school football season of the Odessa Permian Panthers and the struggle between athletics and education in Texas.

One of the main subjects of the book was focused on James "Boobie" Miles who was the star fullback for the team and had a bright promising future of football stardom before an injury crushed his opportunity and eventually the harshness of the "real world" came crashing down upon him. Miles, by his own admission, was given the "star" treatment throughout his football heyday but after his injury, was largely forgotten about and ignored and he struggled to get his life on track due to a lack of a formal education.

It's also why Miles, who currently lives in Copperas Cove with his wife, is out and about in Central Texas sharing his story with young people about the dangers of just relying on athletics and the importance of getting an education and making coaches, educators and school systems aware of that same problem. Miles is now a motivational speaker and is working with former Copperas Cove High coach Jack Welch with his college football recruiting program. He stopped by the MyKiss1031 studio with his wife to share his story with Melz On The MIC.

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