It sounds like the plot of blockbuster movie or the American Dream: You check your bank account, there're millions in it, and you don't know how it got there.

This dream scenario actually played out here in Texas recently for one woman who got the holiday surprise of a lifetime.

According to CBS DFW, Ruth Balloon was wrapping up her shift at Roma Boots in Dallas when she decided to check her bank account on her smartphone from LegacyTexas Bank.

There was a deposit of $37,000,000 dollars in her account. Ruth had become a millionaire and as you can imagine, her imagination at her new found wealth began to run wild.

Now before I move on with the story, I want you to PAUSE for a moment and think about what YOU would have done if this happened to you. Would you start spending immediately? Would you tell anybody else? Would you call the bank to make sure a mistake hadn't been made or just say "FINDERS KEEPERS" and start living your best life? Drop your answer in the comments real quick and in the meantime, gaze upon this fine piece of artwork called "Melz On The Shelf".


By the way, that amazing piece of art is valued at $100,000 and it can be yours this holiday season, just click here for more details.

Now back to the story of Ruth. After calming down, Ruth called her husband to tell him the great news. But Ruth's husband contacted the bank who informed him that the deposit was a "clerical error" and after an apology, they took back the money.

For what its worth, here's the statement from the bank:

On Tuesday, December 10, our client made a foreign currency deposit into her LegacyTexas account. Due to the fluctuation in exchange rates, all foreign currency transactions must be manually entered into our system through our back office. When our client’s deposit was being keyed in, our representative entered her account number into the amount field by mistake. Although our client brought the error to our attention and the transaction was immediately reversed, less the amount of her original deposit, it would have been caught and corrected during our evening processing. Rest assured, our systems are sound, and this manual entry error has been addressed. -Statement from LegacyTexas Bank via CBS DFW

Ruth can now say that she was a "millionaire for a day" which is a cool story but I'm sure she's still dreaming of what she could have done with all that dough like we are now!

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