There's been a lot of talk in the headlines recently about "gun control" and here's a story where "gun control" was certainly needed. Ouch.

According to KSAT, a man trying to holster his gun at a gun club shot himself in the testicle. Pardon me if the word "Ouch" appears several times in this article because I feel his pain somewhat.

The incident happened on Saturday afternoon at the McQueeney Gun Club between New Braunfels and Seguin. According to reports, the man was trying to place his Smith & Wesson 9mm back in the holster and somehow hit the slide release or the safety and it went off and hit him in the testicle. OUCH.

A gun club employee rushed to his aid and was able to stop bleeding in less than a minute and he was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center and was "in good spirits".

Maybe he was in "good spirits" because he realized that he has at least one more good testicle left. OUCH.

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