2021 is starting real shaky!

With the massive snowstorm taking over the CenTex, things looked real quarantine-ish (yes, I made that up). Roads are closed, schools are shut down, and some people are experiencing power outages.

So what is there to do when you can't watch TV, your kids' games aren't working, and your cell phone is dying?

Here's a list of things to do during the chilly weather:

1) Play Uno, Phase 10, or any other board game.
2) Go outside and enjoy family time with a round of tug of war and or snowball fight.
3) Arts and crafts. Create an at-home painting with a twist experience.
4) Reorganize and de-clutter areas in your home that you've been neglecting.
5) Host a family Olympics where you compete in small challenges around the house.
6) Have a dance competition.
7) Read the Bible as a family.
8) Share family memories with a round table discussion.
9) Put together a family photo book/scrapbook.
10) Cook a meal together.

Now is the time to enjoy family time. Get creative and let this be a moment to remember.

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