Although the 4th of July isn't as big a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving, it is a special day filled with plenty of summer activities.

Because it is one of the few summer holidays, the 4th of July is traditionally associated with fireworks displays, block parties, beach outings, and spending time with loved ones.

Around this time last year, all we did, meaning my family was drive out to neighboring town and watch fireworks from our car. we had a great time, but it was definitely different than years past

In addition, independence Day is usually celebrated with backyard cookouts and red, white, and blue desserts.

Nevertheless, if you're having trouble deciding what to do for the holiday this year, there are several options to consider.

No matter if you're looking for a relaxing evening at home with your immediate family or you're looking forward to a virtual celebration, planning your day is always a good idea. People's calendars are probably filling up faster than you think.

Remember that even if fireworks, hot dogs, and parades aren't your thing, the holiday is a great excuse to slow down, relax, and spend quality time with family and friends.

Even something as simple as a backyard picnic, a day at the beach, or a nice hike can be as memorable as a 4th of July party. So here are the top ways to spend the July holiday if you're still unsure what to do.

Here are few ideas to get you back into the swing of things this holiday weekend

10 things to do during the Fourth of July weekend

I have compiled 10 things you can do during the fourth of July




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