We've seen lots of weird ice cream concoctions as of late. From flavors of ice cream that taste like various condiments (ketchup, BBQ, yes they do exist) to even throwing bacon into it, we're starting to run out of it things to do with our ice cream.

Longhorn Steakhouse however has other plans. How about throwing some STEAK into your ice cream?

According to Best Products, the national steak house chain will be adding its "Steak & Bourbon Ice Cream" to the menu beginning July 1st.

The new dessert is mixed with Longhorn’s exclusive char seasoning. The sundae is filled with Jim Beam bourbon caramel sauce and mixed with real bits of steak. - Via Best Products

You read that correctly folks, steak IN your Ice cream. Now I'm not going to totally knock it because I did have an Ice cream sundae with BACON in it before and it was okay so maybe this deserves a shot.

The ice cream will be available July 1st for $3.99 for a limited time at select locations. Temple has a Longhorn Steakhouse location but at the time of this article we can't confirm whether or not they will have it but if they do, we're getting our hands on some and conducting a taste test.

But I do have one question: Can we get our "steak sprinkles" medium rare?

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