More and more fast food joints are offering plant-based food on their menu. My question is, why not just eat a salad?

KWTX reports that McDonald's is in on the plant-based meat movement that's been happening over the last 5 or so years. They've introduced their "McPlant" burger and will offer it in a few markets starting next year. If all goes well, they'll roll it out nationwide and expand it to not just burgers, but also plant-based chicken and breakfast sandwiches.

That's a "McNope" for me.

KWTX is also reporting that Pizza Hut is getting in on the plant based meats as well. They've added Beyond Meat’s plant-based Italian sausage to their menu, and in doing so have become the first, although probably not the last, pizza chain in the U.S. to offer the fake meat on their pies.

Both McDonalds and Pizza Hut have joined A&W, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Del Taco, Dunkin, and more in the fake meat movement. What's next, plant based BBQ?

It may sound like I'm anti-plant-based-meat, but I'm really not. It's fine if it's what you want. I'm just teasing right now. Lots of folks want that burger taste without having to eat a burger to do it. Although I've never tried these plant based meats, I'm sure they taste as close to real meat as you can get.

The conversion to plant based meat will be a slow process for many. I've made the switch to "more chicken than beef" in my diet, but I'm not ready to abandon meat altogether.

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