Sometimes you just need to begin again. You know, when you want it done your way.

One of my favorite stops my first few years in Central Texas was the Copperas Cove Burger King at 1001 East U.S. 190. Our sister station, Kiss FM, is just down the road from there, and I would have to work in their building on occasion. One of the DJ's at the station also worked at the BK, so I would stop in, eat and visit.

Well now those memories will be all that I have. The building has been scheduled to be demolished. The Cove Leader-Press is reporting that they've closed the store and will begin a 4-month process of starting over.

Nick Boyle, Vice President of Development of Ampler Burgers, the franchise company that owns 42 BK's in Texas, says..."It’s a really good store for us. That’s why we’re going to scrape it and make it 100 times better. The interior will have what we call our ‘2020 image.’ It’s more of a modern interior with soft seating and user-friendly features like USB ports at the tables and free wi-fi."

Look for the project to be finished sometime in January. They plan on having a large amount of hoopla attached to the re-opening so you won't be able to miss the event.

To have some idea of what the new store might look like, here's a video of a new BK that opened up 10 months ago.

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